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Private Investigator Michigan

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We have some of the best Michigan private investigation companies listed in our directory, offering a range of PI services covering: Fraud, Theft, Matrimonial, Divorce, Infidelity, Cheating Partners, Child Custody, Missing Persons, Accident Investigations, Background Checks, Asset / Property Searches, Corporate Investigations, Witness Interviews, Process Serving, Surveillance and more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a private investigator cost in Michigan?

A Michigan private investigator will cost an average of $108.00 per hour. We based this value on 8 investigation firms that we checked across the State. Keep in mind that this is an average hourly fee and that some services are a set-price rather than hourly.

Do private investigators need a license in Michigan?

Yes they do. The licensing of private investigators in Michigan is managed by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs in accordance with the Professional Investigator Licensure Act, Act 285 of 1965.

Can I get a Michigan background check by a private investigator?

Yes. A private investigator can complete a background check in Michigan for you which is in line with current background checking laws for the State. An investigator can search public and criminal history records and perform employment background checks. If you need a background check then contact one of our listed Michigan detective agencies.

Can a private investigator help me find someone in Michigan?

Yes. A Michigan State private investigator will know the local State regulations on obtaining information to locate debtors and other missing persons. They will also know the locations of public and semi-public records in the State not available on the internet, such as county court records. Contact one of our listed Michigan investigators to help you find someone.

I have a child custody case in Michigan. Can a private investigator help?

Yes. If you have a child custody case in Michigan, a private investigator can help you build crucial evidence that supports your custody battle. Family Courts can be a battleground with both sides stating their case; so you should be prepared with hard evidence that can make an impact during a custody hearing. Contact one of our listed Michigan detective agencies to help you build your case.

Should I use a private investigator to catch my cheating partner?

Yes. If you live in Michigan State and suspect your partner is cheating on you then use a private investigator to find out for you. A Michigan detective agency will be able to give you an answer one way or another, by using technologies such as tracking devices or good old fashioned surveillance work. You can get photographic proof of your cheating spouse by contacting one of our licensed Michigan investigation firms above.

Where can I find a local private investigator near me in Michigan?

The majority of private detective agencies you will find located in the major towns and cities of Michigan such as Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint, Dearborn, Livonia and Troy. You can find your local investigation company in these areas. However, the best place to find one is here.

How do I hire a private investigator in Michigan?

It is fairly easy to know how to hire a private investigator in Michigan. You will need to have a good set of questions ready to ask them so you know you've hired the right one. You should also check they are fully licensed for the State and ask for references. To get started contact one of our licensed Michigan investigators listed above.

Where can I find more information on hiring private detectives in MI?

We have an extensive resource of in-depth articles that answer questions and concerns about hiring investigation agencies for various reasons. These will hopefully answer any further questions you have, or if not, you can contact one of our listed Michigan investigation companies above.
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