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About Us

Hire-A-Private-Investigator.Com is a resource for finding, hiring, or becoming a private investigator. This website is run by former security and investigations personnel, imparting their knowledge and skills through this website for the benefit of others. The owner is former military and has worked many years in the security and investigations industry, as well as having owned his own private investigation business.

Our purpose
Our purpose is to provide practical solutions and assistance to individuals, families, business owners, legal professionals, and private investigators. We aim to provide the best investigative resources to help others flourish.

Advice and help for individuals, families, and businesses
We know that when people are searching for an investigator it's usually based on an emotional decision, or a troubling or difficult situation, and we want to make the process easy and less upsetting. We want to fulfill the needs of those searching for a private investigator for the first time; to be able to assist them into making the right choices. Our aim is to provide useful tips for hiring private investigators, so you feel confident in hiring one.

Our private investigator directory links up lawyers, attorneys, individuals, families, and businesses with professional private investigators. Our website offers free practical advice and information for individuals and businesses wanting legal practical solutions to their problems.

Advice and help on private investigator careers and training
We give practical advice to those wanting to start a private investigator career or are seeking employment. We provide simple steps on how to become a private investigator, provide private investigator training materials for continued education or upskilling, list some of the best private investigator jobs available, as well as admin and marketing solutions to help start and maintain a successful PI business.

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