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Looking for a Private Investigator in Connecticut?

Private Investigator Connecticut

We understand that when someone takes the steps to hire a Connecticut private investigator things must be serious.

We are in the serious business of aiding local Connecticut State businesses, law firms, and private individuals, make the right choices in finding and hiring the right private investigator. When looking to hire a nearby private investigator or private detective in Connecticut for a business or personal matter, we will guide you through the process.

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We have some of the best Connecticut private investigation companies listed in our directory, offering a range of investigator services covering: Fraud, Theft, Matrimonial, Divorce, Infidelity, Cheating Partners, Child Custody, Missing Persons, Accident Investigations, Background Checks, Asset / Property Searches, Corporate Investigations, Witness Interviews, Process Serving, Surveillance and more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a private investigator cost in Connecticut?

A. We checked 14 private investigation firms across the State and worked out that the average cost for a Connecticut private investigator is $77.00 per hour.

Q. Does a Connecticut private investigator need a PI license?

A. Yes. By law, anyone participating in the services of a private investigations in the State needs a license. Connecticut licensing is overseen by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

Q. Can I get a Connecticut background check from a private detective?

A. Yes. A State licensed private detective is authorized to carry out background checks in Connecticut. The investigator can run background checks on individuals and businesses where needed to obtain criminal records, financial and credit reports, driving and professional license verification, education verification and more. If you require a background check in Connecticut, contact one of our listed Connecticut investigators above.

Q. Can a private investigator find someone in Connecticut for me?

A. Yes. If you are looking for someone in Connecticut but can't find them then your best chance is to use a private investigator to find them for you. Locating missing people, runaways, and even debtors owing money, is all part of an investigator's work. A detective agency will be able to rapidly track down a debtor or missing person in Connecticut for you depending on what information you have on them. Contact one of our listed Connecticut private detective agencies to assist you.

Q. I have a child custody case in Connecticut. Can a private detective help?

A. Yes. Private investigators have been instrumental in Connecticut child custody cases providing essential supportive evidence. Law firms often rely on investigators to help their clients' improve their child custody position with the Family Courts. Working under the instruction of your lawyer or attorney, a private investigator will work diligently on finding and building evidence to support your side of the case. Contact one of our listed investigation companies in Connecticut to discuss your case.

Q. Should I hire a Connecticut investigator to see if my partner is cheating?

A. Yes. Private investigators often get asked to follow husbands and wives around to see if they are being unfaithful; it's part of a PI's work. Hiring a local Connecticut detective agency in your home town or city is more beneficial than an outsider as they usually know the area better, particularly the local hotels, clubs and bars where cheaters go. An investigator using surveillance techniques will follow your partner and capture that vital evidence you need. Get in touch with one of our listed private investigators in Connecticut to help you.

Q. Where can I find a local private investigator near me in Connecticut?

A. The majority of detective agencies and investigators you will find located in the major towns and cities of Connecticut such as Bridgeport, Stamford, New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, New Britain, West Hartford and Bristol. You can find your nearby investigation firms in these locations. However, the best place to find a Connecticut investigator is here.

Q. How do I hire a private investigator in Connecticut?

A. You should reach out to private investigators in your immediate area to see what local investigative services they provide and if they specialize in your case type. You should create a list of questions you want to ask them and most importantly ensure they are licensed. You can contact our listed Connecticut private detectives to ask about their services.

Q. Where can I find more information on hiring private detectives in CT?

A. We have an extensive resource of in-depth articles and information that answers questions and concerns about using investigation companies for various reasons. These will hopefully answer any further questions you have, or if not, you can contact one of the above listed investigation firms in Connecticut.
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