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ICU Investigations in Houston, Texas TX

ICU Investigations - Private Investigator in Houston, Texas TX

About ICU Investigations

We are a Texas investigation firm based in Houston boasting many years of experience as professional investigators. Our investigators engage in a wide variety of case work, assisting private individuals and corporations. We have been involved in many cases involving fraud, loss prevention, internal investigations, domestic cases, missing persons, and more.

We are dedicated in achieving positive results for our clients and have had great customer feedback about our investigative services in Houston - whether for surveillance work, locating hard-to-find people, or background checks - giving our clients closure and peace of mind.

If you feel you have the need for a Houston private investigator but feel reluctant to get in touch; feel assured that we will treat your situation and case with the utmost discretion. We will keep you apprised of your case every step of the way. So take that first step and contact us today.

For more information about this private investigator's services in Houston, Texas, please get in touch using the contact form below.
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Many years experience in a wide variety of cases involving fraud, loss prevention, internal investigations, domestic cases, missing persons.
ICU Investigations
2615 Sockeye Dr, Houston, Texas, 77045
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