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Make Your Business Listing Payment

We look forward to having you and your business listed on our private investigator directory. Now there's just one more step to go and that is to make your one-time payment. Here are more details:

You'll make a one-time payment for a life-time inclusion to our directory
Payment is made through Payoneer - Secure Online Payment Gateway
We will email you an invoice to pay for your listing: (Please be patient whilst we create your invoice)
The payment will be made under the name "Hire-A-Private-Investigator.Com"
Please ensure you have read our listing T's & C's before you make payment
Once we receive your payment we will manually review your profile details
We will add your business to our P.I. business directory usually within 24-48hrs after payment
Once your business profile page is online we will notify you by email

Once again, thank you for joining us!
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