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Spy Voice Recorder Models

Spy voice recorders are the perfect gadget to be able to record secret conversations with people you don’t want them to know your recording.

These hidden voice recorders come in different forms, are easy to use and conceal, and can be used on your person, or in a room location.

A Few Reasons For Using A Spy Voice Recorder

There are many situations that a hidden voice recorder would be useful.

+ You’re being harassed or intimidated at work and you want to record the evidence without the bully knowing.

+ You’re a private investigator on surveillance needing to record real-time events where use of a notebook would attract suspicion.

+ You suspect your spouse is cheating and want to record what occurs in your home.

+ You want to listen how your nanny treats your children.

What Specifications Does a Spy Voice Recorder Need?

+ Covert design - no flashing lights
+ Good Quality Audio - close up and at a relatively longer range
+ Easy function -
+ Long Recording Time -

We’ve looked at a few and have come up with this list of the best spy voice recorders we liked.

For a quick glance (in no particular order) check out our table below of our best spy watch picks:

Quick Comparison: Best Spy Voice Recorder
Features We Like
Price Range

+ High Definition video
+ Easy one-touch record
+ Date and time stamp

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And now for a more in-depth look at each of the best spy voice recorder models...

Covert: Does

Ease of Use: this

Quality of Recording: the

Recording Time: the

Battery: how

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