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Review Of The Best Spy Camera Glasses

Spy Camera GlassesYou’ve seen the spy movies with ordinary looking spectacles packing a full complement of spy gadgetry; but is this technology exaggerated? Well, not as far as hiding a mini spy camera in a pair of glasses it isn’t – that is a reality! And we are here to show you the best glasses we’ve found with hidden cameras.

Just to make things clear, you don’t have to be visually impaired to wear a pair of spy camera glasses as they are usually fitted with ordinary glass and not prescription filled glass. The following hidden camera glasses can be used by anyone with ordinary non-defective sight. If you have defective eye-sight and already wear glasses and want a pair of glasses with hidden camera you will need to visit a specialist.
Our Top 3 Best Spy Camera Glasses
Buying Guide: Choosing The Best Spy Camera Glasses To Buy

When choosing to buy a pair of hidden spy camera glasses you will want to know what to look for in the best available. We have come up with this buying guide of important features needed for the best pair of glasses for spying with. Here they are:

+ Covert design - your spy camera glasses obviously need to look like real glasses with the camera well hidden. It's not wise to choose a pair of spy spectacles that are not designed to look normal. Even fashionable glasses are ok as long as they don't look like spy glasses and the camera cannot be seen up close.

+ Field of view - when choosing a good pair of spy cam glasses you will want to make sure that the field of view angle is reasonably wide to help reduce the need for having to move your head too much. Moving your head too much while wearing the glasses causes camera shake and poor video recordings. Also, the unnatural behavior of having to keep looking directly at the target will make you stand out.

+ Easy function - as spy eyewear is generally worn, being able to easily turn the video record function on and off is important. Ideally you should be able to turn the glasses recording function on and off whilst wearing them but its fine to have to take the glasses off to do this, as long as it's still a simple process. You can just pretend to be cleaning the lenses when doing so.

+ Recording time - ideally you could have a pair of spy camera glasses that would record for long periods of time but we are more realistic than that. In order to have long recording time you will need a powerful battery source and large built-in storage for recordings. We don't recommend using this type of spy gear if you need to record for very long periods. Its primary function would be to capture video for relatively short moments on the go; but you still want the best recording time you can get.

+ Video / audio playback quality - we touched on quality of recording earlier when talking about field of view. Quality of recording can be spoilt by both lack of practice in using the spy glasses but also in manufacturing quality. Your spying spectacles should have good quality playback recordings of both video and sound (if the glasses come with audio). You will want HD High Definition spy glasses.

+ Date / time stamp - we always recommend getting spy equipment that has the date and time stamped on the recordings and hidden camera glasses are no exception. Being able to produce surveillance video with the date and time is a best practice of surveillance training.

+ Video / audio transfer ability - once you've got your recording you will want to be able to transfer it to computer. Do not buy a pair of spy camera glasses whereby you cannot transfer files. It doesn't matter if your spy glasses have a fixed built-in memory card or storage disc, you still want to be able to transfer your video and audio files to computer.

#1 HERETA Hidden Camera Glasses Review

Best Spy Camera Glasses
Our Review Rating
The HERETA hidden camera glasses received a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Field of View
78 degree camera lens
Video / Audio Quality
1080P HD high definition
Record Time
80 minutes continuous record
Date and time stamp
What Do We Think?
Covert design: the HERETA model is one of the best spy camera glasses we found in terms of design. These glasses do have chunky arms but nowadays that is a fashionable feature and they do seem to match the glasses frames very well. They look modern.
Field of view: these spy glasses have a camera lens with a 78 degree field of view which is pretty good compared to most.
Easy function: you can take pictures as well as video with these glasses although to take snap shots would be a little clumsy and so would stick to just videoing. You will need to remove the glasses to use the on/off video function and get used to what mode the glasses are in by its flashing lights.
Recording time: the specifications say this spy glasses product can record up to 80 minutes continuously, although we haven't tested that. It supports up to a 32GB micro SD card.
Video / audio playback quality: these spy camera eye glasses with 1080P high definition recordings are great so expect to get some quality playback footage.
Date / time stamp: yes, just synchronize the glasses' spy camera date and time using a computer.
Video / audio transfer: you can transfer the files in AVI format to computer via USB.

#2 WISEUP Spy Camera With Glasses Review

Best Spy Glasses with Camera
Our Review Rating
The WISEUP spy camera with glasses received a 4.2 out of 5 stars.
Field of View
67 degree camera lens
Video / Audio Quality
Great video quality with 1920x1080P resolutions
Record Time
50 minutes continuous record
Date and time stamp
What Do We Think?
Covert design: the WISEUP spy camera glasses have a frame that is less obvious from the front but still has the bulky arms. However, they still look like a fairly normal pair of glasses you would buy from any optometrist.
Field of view: there is a built-in 3.7mm pinhole spy lens camera located in the hinge of these camera glasses. It has a 67 degree field of view which is a little narrow for our liking but is still workable in the field.
Easy function: there is an on/off button inside the arm of the glasses with an indication light to tell what mode the glasses are in.
Recording time: These spy glasses come with a 16GB micro SD card which can save about 170 minutes of video footage. It also supports up to 32GB and can record continuously for about 50 minutes which is quite reasonable.
Video / audio playback quality: at 1920x1080P video recording you can expect good quality playback in these hidden camera glasses.
Date / time stamp: yes, and you have the choice of removing or keeping the time stamp.
Video / audio transfer: you can transfer files by removing the SD card and putting into a computer to watch the covert footage.

#3 MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera Glasses Review

Best Hidden Camera Glasses
Our Review Rating
The MEAUOTOU hidden camera glasses received a 4.0 out of 5 stars.
Field of View
A little narrow but still workable
Video / Audio Quality
1280x720 HD high definition video playback
Record Time
1.5 hours of continuous record
Limited WIFI ability for live streaming
What Do We Think?
Covert design: the MEAUOTOU hidden camera glasses are well designed with respect to its covert look, with the hidden camera secreted inside the glasses' arm joint. We love the design.
Field of view: although these are great glasses, the field of view angle is a little too narrow so you'll have to point the camera in a straight direction at the target.
Easy function: the button functions on these spy specs are similar to other spy cam glasses whereby you will have to remove them for operating the on/off modes.
Recording time: the spy camera in these glasses have a power duration of 1.5 hours and will support up to a 32GB memory card.
Video / audio playback quality: the camera glasses record in HD high definition so you will have good quality video playback with the 1280x720 resolutions.
Date / time stamp: this pair of spy glasses don't appear to have a date and time stamp which is a bit of a letdown but if you don't need it then it's not a problem.
Video / audio transfer: the video format is AVI and you can transfer the files to computer by removing the memory card.
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