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Review Of The Best Spy Camera Models

Spy cameras have become increasingly popular, not just for private investigators and law enforcement but also for businesses and the general public. They're ideal for catching cheating partners, keeping an eye on the babysitter, and uncovering dishonesty in the workplace!

However, there are thousands of different spy cameras on the market right now, at widely varying prices; some are good and some not so good. So we've done some of the assessment work for you, having tried and tested a few ourselves.

Based on some ideal spy camera specifications, we've found and listed below some cameras of different types we think are some of the best spy cameras we’ve found so far. So check out our list of the best spy camera picks below!
Our Best Spy Camera Picks

HD Book Camera
+ High Definition video and audio
+ Continuous record and motion detection
+ Night vision capability
+ Battery powered
+ Supports 32GB SD card
More Info
Spy Pen Camera
+ HD video and photos
+ Low light capability,
+ Date and time stamp
+ Supports 32GB SD card

Alarm Clock Radio HD Spy Camera
+ HD video
+ Supports 32GB SD card
+ Continuous or motion detection
+ Battery or mains powered

SecureGuard Digital Frame Spy Camera
+ HD video
+ Supports 64GB SD card
+ Continuous record or motion detection
+ Date and time stamp

Power Adapter Spy Camera
+ High Definition
+ Date and time stamp
+ Supports 32 GB SD card
+ Motion detection
+ Remote control
Technical Specifications That Make The Best Spy Camera
Here’s a few quick tips on specifications to look for in a good spy camera so you can figure out the best spy camera for your needs. You may not need all of these listed as it depends on what you want to use the camera for.

+ "Invisibility" or blends in well (camera, wires, and recording unit)
+ Size, flexibility, and simplicity of use
+ Easy installation
+ Camera lens field / depth of view for what you need
+ Storage capabilities / amount: Hard Drive (HD), Storage Device (SD)
+ Video record / playback: can be exported to other media e.g. computer disk
+ Sound / audio record and playback
+ Recording length: High Definition (HD), Long Play (LP), Short Play (SP)
+ Wired or wireless or IP (internet based)
+ Power source: mains or battery operated (battery type and duration)
+ Night time capability / infrared
+ Anti-shake for movement
+ Motion detector activation
+ Weatherproof
+ Date / time stamped

If you need more understanding of these camera specifications you can read this article on how to choose the right spy camera. We go over these technical aspects in more detail as well as other good tips and pointers on buying spy cameras.

Our Review Of The Best Spy Cameras

HD Hidden Book Camera

We think the High Definition book camera is the perfect office spy, as it's actually more of an office ring binder file than a book.

This stationery spy tool is a very unobtrusive spy camera in a plain cover that doesn’t attract any interest whatsoever. And is very easily portable.

It’s a great spy camera that can sit amongst other books or files on a shelf, or positioned anywhere in a room or office, to capture dirty deeds or illegal goings-on.

What does it do?

It’s an easy to operate spy cam with one switch to start recording, either in continuous record, or motion-detection mode up to 20 feet.

The book camera also allows for audio recording with the video or you can record without sound, the choice is yours.

This book spy camera has night vision capability (ideal for dim rooms) up to 10 feet.

The great thing we love about this shelf spy is the on/off loop recording mode. It takes a 32 GB memory card (not included) but will overwrite recordings to keep itself going.

This model is of course battery powered (as it would look odd connected to the mains) so will limit the record capability over longer periods.

All-in-all, we think this book / folder spy camera is indeed one of the best.

Spy Pen Camera

The spy camera pen is a handy pocket spy you can take anywhere. It’s very covert and looks like an ordinary pen.

This is one of the best spy cameras we’ve found for an office environment, particularly with its High Definition HD camera and built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which captures high resolution photos and videos.

The storage capability is an 8GB memory card that comes with the device but can support a 32GB memory card.

The spy pen also operates in low light, so you can still capture good video in poorly lit areas and with no blinking light on the pen you won’t be discovered.

The one thing we love about this pocket spy cam is the recordings have a date and time stamp which is perfect for evidential purposes.

Overall we think this is a perfect little pocket spy.

Alarm Clock Radio HD Spy Camera

This alarm clock radio spy camera has some of the best spy camera features one would want.

It is most definitely covert, looking and functioning as a real alarm clock radio, which would go unnoticed while it covertly records. You can just pop it in a room, on the side somewhere, and let it do its job.

This is a High Definition spy clock camera with high quality colour recording, but unfortunately doesn’t come with audio. However, the company that makes these will add audio capability for a small price.

The spy clock comes with a 16GB memory card, hidden in the battery compartment, but supports 32GB for more video storage.

It has a motion detection mode for recording longer periods and will also automatically rewrite over itself for continuous recordings.

And, this little beauty also comes with date and time stamped recordings, making it great for legal purposes – if you want to use it in court.

We definitely recommend this as one of the best spy cameras.

SecureGuard Digital Frame Spy Camera

The SecureGuard digital picture frame is one of the best spy cameras posing as a working digital photo frame. It looks exactly like an ordinary photo frame but contains a hidden built-in spy cam.

In addition to its stealthy look, this great spy camera is very portable and can be placed anywhere at home, or in an office environment. Place it on a desk or table top and record your secret footage.

So down to the nitty-gritty of this top spy camera!

It’s a full-colour High Definition spy camera which is great but unfortunately doesn’t record sound. So unless you definitely need to record secret audio this won’t be an option for you.

But there’s more!

It comes with a 16GB memory card with the ability to support up to 64GB as an option. That’s more than usual and plenty of storage space for a portable hidden camera.

Again, this hidden picture camera has a motion detection function to allow it to record for longer. And also has a continuous record mode (rewriting over itself), if you want it to keep going.

The video recording has a date and time stamp, which we love.

The power supply it uses is through the mains, which will allow it to use up that huge storage space it has without running out of power.

This is a top spy frame you can happily show your photos off without anyone being the wiser they are being secretly recorded, and becoming part of the picture.

Power Adapter Spy Cam

This is an incredible AC power wall adapter spy camera that looks and works like a normal power charger.

What we like about this spy cam adapter is the covert aspect – people don’t generally look downwards – so who would ever suspect?

It can be plugged into any wall socket (in an office, hotel or at home) to record the area you want to spy on. It can also be used by plugging it into an extension lead for better flexibility of use.

The secret camera adapter has a small hidden camera placed at an upwards angle of 15 degrees, ideal at floor level. It can also be used on counter tops but will only record waist level.

It’s a High Definition spy camera with high quality playback recordings, but unfortunately this little surprise doesn’t record audio. Nevertheless we love it and it is perfect if you just want video evidence.

Talking about evidence; the video recordings are date and time stamped – great for evidential purposes.

This wall spy comes with an 4 GB memory card (hidden inside the device) but supports a 32GB SD card, which is great for HD surveillance footage.

It has the facility to record secret video continuously or using the motion activated function.

The thing that grabbed our attention to this great spy camera was the remote control.

Using the remote control to turn the spying camera on and off, as well as change the record settings to continuous or motion detection, allows for better stealth.

As a power adapter hidden spy camera, it’s one of the best models we’ve found.

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