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Review Of The Best Spy Watch Models

Using a spy watch to covertly record some incriminating evidence of dirty deeds at work, or of a cheating spouse, can help build your case. Just slip the spy camera watch over your wrist and off you go. Record what you need at a touch of a button, without arousing suspicions.

Spy watches can be used for undercover work by private investigators, journalists, legal professionals, and surveillance operatives.

Is there such a thing as the best spy watch in the world? That’s impossible to say but we’ve got some great tips and picks of what we consider are the best spy camera watches we’ve found so far. Check out our table below of our best spy watch picks:
Our Best Spy Watch Picks
Tips For Choosing The Best Spy Watch To Buy
Some important aspects you should consider before buying a spy watch are:

+ Covert – the best spy watch will always be the one that actually looks like a normal wrist watch and not one that looks like something from out of a movie. The watch will be one that goes unnoticed on the wrist and just appearing to be a normal watch.

+ Ease of Use – the best spy camera watch (once sitting on your wrist) needs to be simple to operate. The record on-off switch needs to be a simple one-touch on-off function to avoid mistakes, and failing to get that covert recording needed for evidence.

+ Quality of Recording – no spy watch is of any use if the video and audio recording is of poor quality. The secret recording should playback in good quality with the facility to download onto other media such as computer or SD card.

+ Recording Time – this boils down to the internal storage of the hidden camera watch. A good watch will have plenty of storage space for longer recordings.

+ Battery – battery power is important as you don’t want the watch to stop recording at that crucial moment.

+ Date and Time Stamp – having the date and time recorded on the video, or image - taken by your watch - is important when considering using it as evidence in court.

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