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Hire-A-Private-Investigator.Com is a website with the purpose to help others with personal or business matters. One way to help others is to share experience and knowledge. Therefore we encourage private investigators, lawyers, business owners and others to write for us. Share a personal story, experience, or knowledge, that can help or be of interest to another.

If you want to write for us then please complete the guest post submission form. But first follow our writing guidelines below.

We are very strict about these terms and have rejected many guest posts as the writer's guest posts / articles did not conform to these terms. So please make sure you understand them as we don’t want to waste your time.

Before you continue we don't accept the following:

• Freelance writers representing other businesses
• Online marketing / SEO companies
• Writers for content farms
• Persons wanting to include affiliate links or build SEO links for other companies

If you are not in the aforementioned, then write for us!

Bear in mind that when you write your article for us you are writing for our audiences, which are; private investigators (new or seasoned), lawyers, business owners / management, and private individuals.

Write For Us From A Personal Perspective

If you have a story to share from your own personal experience that would relate to our website then please send it in. To give you some idea of what topics we are interested in you can write about; matrimonial, relationships, cheating partners, divorce, physical / mental abuse, business, criminal, fraud, finding someone who was missing, etc.

Tell us your story of what happened and what you did to resolve it, if you did resolve it. Write your article in a way that our readers can learn something from it. (You can change the names and places for anonymity).

Write For Us From A Professional Perspective
We’re always open to guest posts from private investigators, lawyers and other persons knowledgable in the field of law and investigations. Topics we are interested in are; real investigation stories, personal stories of how you became a PI, techniques used, legal advice when conducting investigations, investigative / legal advice for business owners and private individuals, etc.

Make your article as practical and useful as you can, as well as interesting, so our readers can gain some knowledge.

A note on technical terminology and specialised jargon
Where possible avoid the desire to use too much technical jargon in your articles. Bear in mind this site is open to anyone and using specialised words or language will put people off reading your article, if they don't understand the terminology. Try to simplify any legal or investigative words but if you need to use specific technical words then define their meaning.

Guest Post Writer's Guidelines

If you are still happy to write an article for us then please complete the Guest Post Submission form below.

Guest Post Submission Form

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