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The Top 12 Reasons To Hire A Private Investigator

Reasons To Hire A Private InvestigatorIf you are looking to hire a private investigator then you will already have some idea, even the slightest idea, that a PI can help you. But maybe you're not sure how? There are many reasons to hire a private investigator whether you are a private individual, a small business, corporate business, organization, or law firm.

The purpose of a private investigator or private detective is to help businesses or individuals uncover or find information that's not necessarily easy to find or in plain view. It sometimes takes a trained pair of eyes to see what you may not see.

When you use a private investigator you get the knowledge, skill, and experience of that investigator, same as you would a lawyer, electrician, or doctor. You may want to take short cuts and maybe do your own investigations, but you have to remember there are legalities, laws, and standard procedures to follow and take into consideration.

One of the most basic reasons for hiring a private investigator is to prevent what maybe an already difficult situation from becoming worse.

6 Reasons For A Business To Hire A Private Investigator

If you own a business then consider hiring a private investigator to assist you with:

#1 Employee Background Checks: If you have a business that handles sensitive information or you just want to employ the right staff, then one reason to hire a PI would be to complete a private investigator background check on all potential employees you want to hire.

#2 Criminal Investigations: You may have a problem with losing stock, employee theft, fraud, copyright infringement, or other law breaking activities against you and your business but don't know how to handle or resolve it. A criminal case private investigator will have been trained to deal with such problems.

#3 Finding Debtors: It is a fact that people intentionally go "missing" due to the owing of money. In order to file legal proceedings against someone to recover a debt, you first need to find the debtor. Private investigators are trained in how to find people including locating debtors; helping you to recover money owed.

#4 Accidents in the Workplace: It's inevitable as a business to have employees involved in workplace accidents and requiring compensation. There are genuine cases of slips, trips and falls, but, also common is the dishonest employee, faking an injury and costing you money in lost work time and fraudulent compensation claims. Private investigators use their skills to investigate accident and bogus injury claims.

#5 Prospective Business Partnerships: If you are planning to go into a business partnership with someone, even a friend, it would be wise to use an investigator to do some checks on all other parties involved. If you plan to invest a large sum of money into a new venture, a good reason to hire a private investigator would be to take out some of the risk.

#6 Electronic Surveillance Detection: Corporate espionage is a real threat to businesses, particularly those producing top of the market products. A private investigator can be used to uncover listening devices, hidden spy cameras, or computer hacking software designed to pass on trade secrets.

These are just some reasons for hiring a private investigator to assist in supporting a business. There are countless other areas of investigator involvement in working with corporate and commercial businesses.

6 Reasons For An Individual To Hire A Private Investigator

It's very common for the general public to use private investigators these days and for a variety of reasons such as:

#1 Matrimonial Problems: Probably the number one reason why someone would hire a private investigator is for a matrimonial or relationship problem. Proof of infidelity would probably be the highest reason to hire a P.I.

Private investigators conduct surveillance to uncover cheating partners, do hidden asset searches in cases of divorce, and assist with providing evidence in court cases and child custody battles.

#2 Missing Persons: A sad fact with broken or troubled families is runaway children. Private investigators have been instrumental in finding runaways and returning them to loved ones.

Adoption is another reason people hire investigators. Finding one's adopted children or locating one's biological parents can be very sensitive and requires the empathy, passion and skill of an investigator.

#3 Dating / Prenuptial Background Checks: Using a private investigator to find out about your potential husband or wife's background can be a breath of fresh air when you discover who they really are; good or bad.

There are romance scam con-artists, or even worse, willing to prey on another's emotion of love. Conducting background investigations on someone you're dating can give you that peace of mind you aren't being misled.

#4 Abuse Cases: Abuse covers many areas such as child abuse, care home abuse of an elderly parent, psychiatric abuse of mental patients, or abuse of a partner. Such cases can involve physical or mental abuse and indeed need to be handled with complete discretion.

Private detectives and investigators uncover and build evidence against such abusers. This evidence can be used to help with the prosecution of the offender(s).

#5 Stalking and Harassment: There are those out there (who are either mentally challenged or just vindictive) making people's lives hell, through continued stalking or harassment - online or off.

The reason for hiring a private investigator in these instances is primarily building evidence against the stalker. This evidence can be used in court to obtain a subpoena or court order commanding the offender to desist, or else!

#6 Criminal Investigations: Criminal behavior isn't just targeted at businesses but individuals also. Identity Theft for example, where a criminal (with enough information) will take on another's identity, usually with the sole purpose of committing fraud.

Drug abuse, theft of property, criminal damage, are but a few more reasons to hire a private investigator, who will assist in resolving these problems.

These are just some circumstances why someone would hire a private investigator but there are certainly many more besides, and depending on what area you live in, may depend on your reason for wanting to hire an investigator. It may come as a surprise but each area; town by town, county by county, State by State, country by country, are plagued by different crimes or social problems. Based on crime statistics, a private investigator in Colorado will primarily be hired for different reasons than say a private investigator in Connecticut, due to the differing of crime trends between States.

To get more information or assistance from a local investigator in your area; search our private investigator directory.

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