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Private Investigator in Naples, Florida FL

Florida Confidential Investigations and Security

FCIS Solutions - Private Investigator in Naples, Florida
My name is Thomas Humann, I'm the proprietor of Florida Confidential Investigations and Security, a fully licensed private investigation agency based in Naples, FL. My team and I are dedicated in providing our clients with timely, discreet, and complete investigative and protective services. We're available 24/7 and will make sure that we meet your needs and exceed your expectations, ensuring discretion at all times.

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Criminal Defense
Background Investigations
Civil investigations
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Threat Assessments
DUI Case Reviews
Skip Tracing / People Search
Executive Protection
Traffic Crash Investigations
Qualifications / License
PI Licenses # A 1400291, C 1400423, G 1500387
Florida Commissioned Notary Public
Certified Drug Recognition Expert
Trained in traffic homicide investigations and traffic crash reconstructions. Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice Technology from Edison College.
Law enforcement and millitary service.
FCIS - Florida Confidential Investigations and Security
P.O. Box 111657, Naples, Florida 34108
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