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What Tools Do Private Investigators Use?

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Private investigator tools, equipment, spy gear, spy equipment or gadgets, refers to electronic equipment used in carrying out various types of investigations.

These tools are usually used to conduct surveillance or covert investigations, which involves observing the behaviour of a particular target, or what happens at a particular location.

Private investigator tools are also used for counter-surveillance measures, to monitor for listening devices, or bugs as they are more commonly known.

In most cases, private investigators use investigation tools without the subject's knowledge to gather information on their activities. This equipment is now becoming an important part of both personal, home and business security, with the use of security cameras, hidden surveillance and wireless cams.

Private investigators need the right tools when it comes to spy and surveillance gear. They should be well-prepared with cutting-edge private investigator equipment to enable them to carry out successful investigations and to aid in obtaining accurate information. Without professional investigator equipment, private investigators cases can lack the right evidence needed to move their case forward, particularly in court.

The Types of Tools Private Investigators Use

You don't have to be a private investigator to purchase these tools.  Many people buy spy cameras and other devices for their home or business. However some of the tools used by private investigators can be expensive.

Tracking and Monitoring

A common piece of equipment used by a private investigator, are tracking devices that can record accurate real-time information. Covert Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices, for example, are magnetic and capable of being attached underneath a vehicle - the well hidden tracker plots the real-time location of the target during an investigation. Trackers can also be used to monitor and protect children, assets, and VIPs.

Listening Devices

For times when cameras and video are unavailable, covert audio recorders and listening devices are a private investigator’s true friend. Listening devices are a handy way of ensuring you have the evidence you need. This spy tool can be hidden in a variety of positions and locations and produces audio quickly and effectively.

Phone Monitoring

Some private investigators may require to use spy phone or phone monitoring gear. Top-range monitoring equipment will perform the best - capable of operating in conjunction with existing phone systems and allows private investigators to monitor incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls. Spy phones also have tracking capabilities, where the software provides the phone's information using its own onboard GPS.

Spy Cameras and Covert Surveillance Tools

One of the key tools private investigators use and should have is a set of spy cameras and covert surveillance systems. Covert cameras come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed in any location and even objects. Video recorded evidence is one of the best pieces of evidence a private detective can use.

Computer Monitoring

There are many computer spy software options available to enhance the security of a computer. Private investigators use effective technologies that are efficient at gathering computer information, and are able to retrieve recent and historical information when needed.

Counter Surveillance Equipment

Sometimes identifying if you are being monitored or tracked is just as important as conducting surveillance activities on others. The tools of a Private investigator will sometimes include effective counter surveillance gear to find listening devices. Bug detection equipment helps to identify security breaches of personal information.

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