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What Is Private Investigator Surveillance?
Published by in PI Hiring Tips and Advice · 25 September 2018
By definition, surveillance is the close observation of an object, place or person. It is the act of watching a subject in order to identify and document any of the whereabouts, interactions and contacts of the subject.

Surveillance investigations can include:

    • Vandalism
    • Worker compensation cases
    • Recurrent theft
    • Cheating spouse investigations
    • Missing person searches

Surveillance can be conducted in order to:

    • Obtain information which will be used in court
    • Obtain information to be used in an interrogation
    • Document activities in and around a building or a specific location
    • Obtain evidence in civil suits
    • Obtain evidence of crime
    • Prevent crime

With crime rates increasing, employee dishonesty on the rise, and infidelity a real concern, surveillance is one way you can stay secure and safe. Surveillance gives you proof and facts you need about those people you trust with your life, children, home and money.

Although you can do surveillance on your own, it’s better to leave it to professional investigators. First of all, a private detective is licensed and insured to gather evidence through audio and video equipment. Doing this on your own may attract serious accusation such as violation of the right of privacy, trespassing or stalking.

Private detectives have trained for years in order to be able to uncover dishonesty in any form and track down alleged criminals. Plus, investigators are well aware of the respective laws, so you won’t have any legal issues. Finally, investigators have the latest surveillance equipment and they know how to use it properly. Average citizens have to invest huge amounts of money in equipment if they want to perform proper surveillance.

Suspecting that an employee is dishonest, a babysitter or nanny is abusive or that a spouse is cheating, can make you worry and stay up nights. Hiring a private investigator can help you find out the truth.



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