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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Spy Cam Watch?
Published by in PI Gear Tools and Equipment · 5 November 2018
Nowadays spy cam watches are a reality. Anyone can get one and they've become one of the most popular pieces of spy equipment around.

Espionage over the years has developed into a highly technical craft allowing for the development of many spy gadgets including spy watches. Because watches are a common everyday accessory, that has made them ideal for espionage use.

Spy cam watches that have multiple functions can be a benefit in a variety of covert situations and are used by spy agencies such as the CIA or MI5, as well as by undercover law enforcement and private investigators.

The best cam spy watch looks a lot like a normal watch, but has the ability to record video or take photos through a small camera installed in the watch. These high-tech time-pieces easily go unnoticed and are ideal for various kinds of surveillance.

With a hidden spy cam watch you're given the freedom to record anywhere, at any time, without arousing the suspicion of anyone else. The watch can capture video directly from the hidden camera and save the footage to its internal memory. It can then be connected to a computer for simple file transfer, viewing and sharing any captured surveillance footage.

Some but not all spy cam watches can be equipped with sound as well as video capabilities - beneficial to covertly gather intelligence by recording images and audio at meetings while undercover, or for documenting information provided by informants.

They can also be used as a surveillance device, being placed somewhere to monitor the belongings in a home, recording unsuspecting targets or intruders.

Advantages of Having a Spy Cam Watch

A spy camera watch is an incredible piece of technology that puts a video and still camera with microphone and digital video recorder (DVR) into a working watch. By compacting all of this technology into such a small area, this device can be used by anyone who needs to gather evidence for one reason or another, yet remain discrete.

The video on spy watches come in varying resolutions and recording speeds measured in frames-per-second (fps). They have an internal memory and again they come in various sizes. The watch will record in high definition (HD) quality, for a clear, colorful picture of the target.

The watch is made for easy operation by anyone who is wearing it on their wrist. The camera position is usually fixed discreetly on the dial and when you wear it on your wrist you can act normally while recording. The camera must be pointing precisely at what you want to record and this takes some practice to get it right.

The watch usually has an ON/OFF switch which you can naturally toggle, making it look like you are simply pushing any button, or checking the time.

The spy cam watch battery is usually charged with a cable to the mains or laptop. There is usually a side knob on the watch that unscrews; this reveals a port that you insert a mini jack plug into. The other end of the cable fits into the USB port. This cable is also how you upload the video and still picture files to a computer.

There are usually different buttons on the spy cam watch that allows you to switch from filming secret video to taking covert still pictures. There are specific lights that discreetly tell you what mode your camera watch is in - video or still camera mode - and also when you turn the watch camera on and off and when in standby mode. Getting familiar with these light indications is a must before you go out into the field and start using it for real.

We've heard of some interesting examples of people using spy watches to record evidence; one such example was of a psychiatric patient being long-term sexually abused by his psychiatrist. The small video clip we saw revealed inappropriate behavior from the psychiatrist towards his patient.

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