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We Didn't Feel Safe at Home So Bought a Spy Camera
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In terms of home security you can never be too safe. For one I have purchased a high-tech home alarm system that automatically contacts the cops if it detects a break-in.

Now, whenever my spouse and I go out on the town we employ a babysitter to watch our children. However she didn't feel at ease leaving our children in the hands of a stranger. So to reassure her I purchased a high quality hidden spy camera with a built-in recorder.

These cameras are used for secretly keeping track of activity within a specific area and are made to resemble normal household objects. They blend in with their environment so that nobody suspects they're being watched, which is so useful.

The spy camera which we purchased came with a built-in Digital Video Recorder and required no additional set up other than to take it out of the box. Its DVR contained every function needed to start recording quickly.

The DVR allowed us to playback video in two ways. Firstly, by connecting it to our TV set using the cables and secondly, by taking out the SD memory card and downloading the contents to our personal computer. It's so simple!

What I purchased was an iPod hidden camera DVR dock station that features a completely working iPod dock. It uses Apple's Universal Dock and works with any iPod.
We put it on top of our entertainment system to watch over our living room and it looks very ordinary.

It worked as advertised and recorded good quality video for the price. Considering that it functions as a working iPod dock we use it to actually play music every time we have guests around. It doesn't occur to them that it's also a video camera.

We purchased additional hidden cameras for other areas in and around our house and each one is a high quality hidden camera just like the first.

We have not had any problems with babysitters but when we do we can rest easy knowing that we can monitor them.

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