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The 3 Signs Of A Cheating Partner In A Relationship

Published by in Advice for Individuals and Family · 19 April 2019
One of the worst things to happen to anyone is the discovery of your partner cheating on you. But that isn’t as bad as the uncertainty or suspicion of infidelity. At least when you’ve actually found out your partner is sleeping with someone else you have that certainty.

What can be worse is the uncertainty and not knowing for sure, but having that gut feeling cheating is going on. So how can you gain that certainty of cheating in a relationship? Here’s how...

1. Watch out for the signs of a cheating partner in your relationship
2. Get hard evidence of your partner cheating

We have a list of tell-tale signs of relationship infidelity or that a spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend could be cheating. However, this list is just a tool to give you more certainty that something is going on and that further investigation should be encouraged to find out what exactly is going on.

You shouldn’t make any rash decisions based on this list of signs of infidelity or any other list on the internet without first obtaining definitive proof.

Just because your partner is behaving oddly towards you doesn’t necessarily mean relationship cheating. And there is nothing worse than being accused of something you haven’t done.

The main purpose here is to give you some indications of what infidelity can look like in a relationship so that you can look out for them as per Step 1 above, and then if necessary you can go onto Step 2.

An important point to make here is you have to look at the whole picture. Don’t think your relationship partner is cheating just because they’ve suddenly decided to start dressing nicely, or want to look after them self more.

It’s possible that they could have turned over a new leaf in life and want to start looking after themselves; so don’t discount “change” as a guaranteed sign of committing adultery. People can change and do want to improve themselves.

Again, it’s a sign that cheating could be happening but not conclusive.

11 People Reveal How They Caught Their Partner Cheating in Their Relationship

Here are a few ways that people caught their partners cheating on them as reported by the Insider.
#1. She showed me a picture of my own boyfriend
#2. They left unsent messages in the drafts folder
#3. I accidentally picked up his phone
#4. I caught him in bed with my childhood best friend
#5. I read his Facebook messages
#6. I tracked her on the 'Find My Friends' app
#7. I found nudes and chat logs on his old phone
#8. I stumbled across his Reddit account
#9. My 5-year-old daughter told me
#10. I came home early from work
#11. My husband gave me an STD

The 3 Best Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

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