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Should I Use A Female Private Investigator?
Published by in PI Hiring Tips and Advice · 20 December 2018
Long gone are the days of male only private investigators. Now you can hire a female private investigator to carry out any type of investigation.

It's not always necessary but you may have to decide whether a female private investigator will be more beneficial for your case than a male, and it's useful to know why.

Here we will go over the role women play in the investigations world and to help you decide what the PROs and CONs are (if any) in hiring a female private detective.

Why Use Female Private Investigators?

The female role in law enforcement has become more accepted over the last decades. Women are fully accepted in the military as well as police agencies and they have proven their worth.

There are some great benefits in using female investigators but most of all it allows female clients to hire an investigator of the same sex. Why is this important?... Read the full article here.

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