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LawMate Products Spy Gear Review

Published by in PI Gear Tools and Equipment · 21 March 2019
Check out our review of some of the top spy gear products made by LawMate. To give you some insight into LawMate, the company has over 25 years of manufacturing and selling professional spy gear designed to help law enforcement and private investigators with high quality covert surveillance equipment.

LawMate products are categorized as Law Enforcement grade products (meaning high quality) consisting of Portable DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders), Covert Spy Cameras, Spy Voice Recorders, GPS Trackers, Spy Camera Glasses and more. So we’ve taken a look at some of LawMate’s products to see what they have available. Check out our LawMate product review!

LawMate Spy Watch

Image courtesy of LawMate

Let’s start with the the LawMate Spy Watch. First thing we noted is that it’s a little deceptive. This product is designed to look like a smart watch but actually it isn’t, although it does tell the time and functions as a normal watch. So don’t buy it if you were hoping for a smart watch.

The camera lens is concealed in the top side of the watch, so if you were checking the time or resting your arm on a table the lens would be pointing towards your target.

LawMate have made this product easy to operate with a quick one-touch button on the side. One press of the button for 5 seconds turns the device on and starts covert recording immediately. Once finished just press the same button once to turn off the recording. There is also a discrete icon on the screen to give you visual confirmation recording is in progress.

The LawMate spy watch captures full color High Definition (HD) video through a 67 degree field of view 3.7mm pinhole camera lens. The LawMate watch comes with a massive 8GB memory card which is actually plenty of space to record video, but if you want more this spy watch will take up to a 32GB Micro SD Card. There is also an icon that tells you if your memory card is full.

The power source for this watch is obviously battery power, but how long will the LawMate spy watch battery last? You can charge this camera watch using your PC or Mac and you will get 70 minutes of continuous recording. So depending on how long you plan on recording your target you’ll need to bear this in mind.

Overall we like it. We love the simplicity and ease of operation the LawMate camera watch has. Find out more about LawMate Spy Gear Products.

LawMate Spy Camera Power Bank

Image courtesy of LawMate

This LawMate spy camera product comes in the appearance of a normal Smart Phone or Tablet Power Bank with built in DVR and 2MP camera. And yes it does actually work as a mobile phone power bank. This is one of those great spy cameras you can place anywhere at home or in the office without it being out of place and we love the idea of that.

The power bank spy camera has LED indicators for battery life, charging and recording and can record up to 6 1/2 hours on one charge. But the great thing is that this LawMate spy camera can be left connected to the mains so you don’t have to worry about power. People generally leave these power banks on charge so it wouldn’t be glaringly obvious when recording an area.

The LawMate Power Bank spy camera comes with a 16GB memory card but will take up to 32GB, which we think you will need. Another great feature is that it can overwrite itself. So you can leave it on record connected to the mains it will continue to record until you stop it.

Overall we love this LawMate spy camera. Find out more about LawMate Spy Gear Products.

Lawmate Key Fob

Image courtesy of LawMate

The LawMate Key Fob is another interesting innovation of the LawMate products range. It’s a spy gadget that you can carry around on your bunch of keys, place it on a table, leave it on a desk top, and no one would think twice.

A great feature we love about this key fob is the ability to stream real-time High Definition video over WiFi to any smart device. All you need is to download the free "PV Cam Viewer" app from Apple or Google store and you can control the camera remotely. Clever!

The key fob comes with a 4GB SD card and can record continuously for up to 65 minutes on 1 battery charge. You can add up to a 16GB SD card for more video storage if you need it.

Our final thoughts on the LawMate Key Fob camera is that it is a great little spy gadget but not so sure when it comes to the battery duration. It’s a little low on power source so not so good for leaving in a static location on its own. However, for quick captures of video on the move it’s perfect.

Find out more about LawMate Spy Gear Products.

LawMate DVR Weather / Clock Spy Camera

Image courtesy of LawMate

Our last LawMate product review is the clock / thermometer DVR. This LawMate DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is ideal for home or office surveillance. It’s very covert and works as a real time clock, which is great. This clock DVR can be placed anywhere; office desktop, living room table, side table, bedroom, shelf, etc.

This LawMate DVR is quick and easy to install, records video and audio in HD High Definition on an SD card (up to 32GB). It has a PIR sensor that activates recording or it can be placed on continuous recording mode. This LawMate product also has an overwrite function, so you can leave it on continuously and it will record until you stop it.

If you use this LawMate DVR on battery alone you will expect to get 180 minutes of recording time, however; the beauty of the DVR clock is that you can keep it on mains power as any normal clock. This gives you the advantage of added surveillance time on your target area without losing power.

Again, we love the LawMate DVR clock. Find out more about LawMate Spy Gear Products.

What We Think Of LawMate Spy Products

Overall we love LawMate spy gear products; they are unique, innovative and provide a reliable means of investigating through the use of technical surveillance.

If you're interested in learning more about other LawMate spy products you can view them here: LawMate Products.


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