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Hidden Spy Camera Catches The Nanny Stealing

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My husband and I received a desk clock with hidden camera a while back as a wedding gift of all things. It gathered dust on top of the closet but then our plans fell through to have a cousin of mine care for our newborn.

We employed a nanny and I brought out the hidden camera. This was our very first baby after all and it was bad enough leaving her in the care of somebody we hardly knew. We would be remiss in case we did not do our very best to find out if the new babysitter could possibly be trusted with our only child.

Using a functional timepiece offering a smokescreen for the spy camera, it was able to sit on a night table without arousing anybody's curiosity. A disguised camera by itself could reveal behaviour that anyone would never display whenever being watched openly.

I had absolutely no problems using it right away since this hidden spy camera is the best with built-in video recorder. It could record exactly what it sees into an internal memory.

The desk clock hidden camera included a built-in rechargeable battery which made recording a whole lot easier. All that we had to do for smooth-sailing video viewing was to connect the unit straight into a USB slot on our laptop or computer.

One evening I caught the babysitter on video searching through the towel and linen cabinets. This was a strange sight for sure. I told my husband about it, and also dismissing it immediately as excusable interest in how her employers lived.

No later than the following day though our covert camera captured her coming back inside the master bedroom with her bag in hand. She deposit bedding into her hand-carry and did the very same with towels days later. By the weekend we let the nanny go.

Were it not for this unusal wedding gift we would not have busted the hired help on sneaking behind our backs. She may have committed petty theft but if we were to tolerate it, bigger thievery could possibly be next.

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