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I Want To Hire A Private Investigator (To Find Someone)
Published by in PI Hiring Tips and Advice · 5 October 2018
So you are looking at hiring a private investigator to find someone for you. But what exactly does that involve?

Maybe you’ve been searching for someone yourself and have reached a dead end, with nowhere else to go.

With no more leads to go on and desperate to locate this person, maybe you came to the conclusion that hiring a private investigator is your last resort. Well be rest assured there is hope!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before continuing with this article and before you hire a private investigator to find who it is you're looking for, you should consider reporting any missing person to the police; particularly children.

The police will usually only be concerned where children are missing, or vulnerable people such as; elderly, mentally, or physically retarded. Don’t go asking the police to find a debtor for you; unless a crime has been committed by that person.

Also, DO NOT consider, illegally hiring a private investigator to locate someone for you. It has been known for criminals to use private investigators to locate people for their own bad-intentions to do harm. This is illegal... Read the full article here.

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