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How To Deal With Retail Theft
Published by in Advice for Businesses ·
If you own a retail store, or you are about to open your own shop you will definitely need to take measures in making sure your merchandise is secure from theft.

“Retail theft”, “shoplifting”, “customer theft”, “shop theft” are terms used when a customer has entered a retail store and removed an item or items belonging to the store (you) without paying.

Retail theft consequences have a rippling effect and although appears as a petty crime accounts for millions in lost revenue. It may also appear as a victimless crime – it isn’t. Staff wages are affected by the store’s profit and if customers, or staff, are stealing then profits drop, along with wages - or no pay rise.

Likewise, customers are affected. If the store’s sales and profits are down then the shop prices go up in order to pay the bills. So it’s of everyone’s interest to deal with retail theft.

This article will give you a basic understanding of what retail theft security measures are available to shop owners, and who want a guide on dealing with retail theft. You can help prevent retail theft at your premises by using this practical advice about what you can do as a retailer to deter customer theft in your shop.

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