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How Can A Private Investigator Help In A Criminal Case?
Published by in PI Hiring Tips and Advice · 9 April 2019
The hiring of a criminal private investigator is sometimes necessary when caught up in an act of crime whether personally or through business.

The usual process of reporting a crime is done through the local police agencies or law enforcement, who, are then obliged to start an investigation based on someone’s statement to them. Government or State law enforcement agencies are usually the one’s to investigate criminal cases but that has now changed somewhat.

It is commonplace for individuals and businesses to hire private investigators rather than report a crime to law enforcement; (although there are crimes that by law must be reported). The unfortunate possibility of reporting crimes to police agencies run the risk of being outed in the press – particularly if high profile.

Using a private investigator for criminal investigations can give the victim (a person or entity of whom the crime was committed against) better control.

Here are some reasons a criminal private investigator may be hired instead of using the police... Read the full article here.

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