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Hidden Home Spy Camera Catches Thief Brother
Published by in Advice for Individuals and Family · 24 May 2018
Crimes against one-self are often perpetrated by those you know, not just those you don’t – and family members are no exception. Often, a family member, particularly if on drugs, will steal from their own family. Here is a story that is all-too-common.

As soon as my brother lost his job and required a place to stay I invited him into our household and offered him the guest bedroom. After a few weeks however my hubby began to complain that a number of his possessions were missing. Naturally my sibling was the apparent suspect; however, we couldn’t be certain without proof.

To get to the bottom of things we made a decision to take a look at hidden home spy cameras. We thought that if we could secretly monitor our home, that would help us solve this issue and give us the proof that we needed. So we looked around and found that the best spy cameras for the home are the ones disguised to appear like household things, so that no one would have an idea that they are being watched.

We discovered an electrical outlet spy camera on the web. Even though the video camera is cloaked in a non-functioning electrical outlet we felt that it was camouflaged enough to blend into our living environment. The electrical outlet of the spy camera looked quite similar to the actual electrical outlets in our home and would blend in very well. This camera came with a motion-activated recorder so that it starts recording the moment movement is detected. This was so convenient, as we didn't have to skim through lots of uneventful video recordings.

Moreover, this device is equipped with a "motion detection area masking function" we used to cover the cameras’ lower field of sight. In this way our pet dog wouldn't set-off the motion detector by his playing around.

We found that the home spy cameras with a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are much simpler to use, because no set-up is needed and with its recording device it could record on its own. Videos could be viewed by connecting the cable to a TV or monitor or by inserting the SD card into the card reader on our computer. It was perfect.

We bought two of these electrical outlet spy cameras for our house – one for upstairs and one for downstairs. We waited for my brother to go out before we did anything so he wouldn’t get suspicious. I felt a little guilty about spying on him but my husband was determined to find out. My hubby set the cameras up in the main living room area - so we could see most of what was going on if we kept the doors open - and one upstairs in our bedroom. The things that were going missing were disappearing from our bedroom so it made sense to set up one of the hidden home spy cameras there.

The instructions for the DVR camera were simple to understand but took a little while to get the motion detection function how we wanted it. We were able to “block out” the lower half of the camera screen so Max (our dog) wouldn’t keep setting the camera off to record. The upper half was enough to pick up the motion of my brother walking around my home – and to see what he was up to.

A couple of days after installing the two hidden home spy cameras my hubby was eager to see what had been recorded – even though nothing noticeable from his things had gone missing. We waited for my brother to leave the house and pulled the cameras off the wall. They were simply stuck-on half way up the wall with double-sided sticky tape. And they looked the real deal. You wouldn’t notice they weren’t real unless you tried using them as an electrical outlet, which is why my husband placed them out of the way.

Going through the recordings on our computer the hidden house cameras did a perfect job. The motion detection recorded my brother walking around inside my home and sadly we caught him snooping around our bedroom. Yes, our suspicions of my brother stealing were right. We caught him taking some money from our holiday jar. It was such a disappointment to see it.

When my brother came home we asked him about the money and other things belonging to my husband going missing and as we originally thought, my brother denied doing anything. This is one of the reasons we bought the home spy cameras as we knew we would need real proof. My brother couldn’t deny stealing from us once we showed him the recording of him taking money from our money jar.

It was a tough decision to spy on my brother but buying a hidden home spy camera was a smart move for us. My brother confessed he was taking drugs (which was why he lost his job), and was selling my hubby’s things to get money to buy them. Although I love my brother, his stealing from us was not appropriate in any way. And so he had to go.

Our Final Words

One thing to take away from this story, a moral in fact, is don’t put your trust in anyone that takes drugs, even family members. A drug addict will do or say anything to get their next fix - a drug addict will lie and cheat. So be warned.



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