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Hidden Home Spy Camera Catches Thief Brother
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As soon as my brother lost his job and required a place to stay I invited him into our household and offered him the guest bedroom. After a few weeks however my hubby began to complain that a number of his possessions were missing. Naturally my sibling was the apparent suspect however we couldn’t be certain without proof.

To get to the bottom of things we made a decision to take a look at hidden house cameras. We thought that if we could secretly monitor our home, that would help us solve this issue and give us the proof that we needed.

The best spy cameras are disguised to appear like household things so that no one would have an idea that they are being watched.

We discovered a DVR electrical outlet color hidden camera on the web. Even though the video camera is cloaked in a non-functioning electrical outlet we felt that the camouflage would blend into our living environment.

This camera came with a motion-activated recorder so that it starts recording the moment movement is detected. This was so convenient as we didn't have to skim through lots of uneventful video recordings.

Moreover, it is equipped with a "motion detection area masking function" in order to cover the cameras lower field of sight. In this way our pet dog wouldn't set-off the motion detector by his playing around.

We found that the cameras with a DVR are much simpler to use because no set up is needed and with its recording device it could record on its own. Videos could be viewed by connecting the cable to a TV or monitor or by inserting the SD card into the card reader on our computer. It was perfect.

Going through hidden house cameras on the net for our intended surveillance was a smart idea. Although I love my brother, his stealing from us was not appropriate in any way. And so he had to go.

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