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Do You Need A Private Investigator Website?
Published by in PI Marketing · 22 April 2018
Times are exciting. Maybe you're about start out on your own as a private investigator. You know the ropes of what to do and are self-assured you can do a great job for your clients. But wait!

How do you pull-in those clients? How can you advertise your business without spending all of your energy on making sales calls to attorneys and business owners? You can't afford to be using your time like that and you certainly didn't do all of that investigator training to become a salesman. So what can you do? You can get yourself a private investigator website!

One thing you need when setting up your own PI business, is a website. Why? A website will work for you 24hrs a day, every day, for a small fee of what it can do for you in return. You need to invest a little of your hard-earned cash in a PI business marketing website, so you can continue to do what you do best, while your website attracts more clients.

As with any business, especially those that want to truly expand, having or not having a business website is no longer an option. This includes websites for private investigators. Times are different now where most people worldwide are now searching for companies online and rarely search through phone books to find services.

Businesses can expand significantly more with a company website than businesses that don't have one; because of the many online advantages you get with a properly structure private investigator website.

6 Benefits Of A Private Investigator Website

#1. Gaining greater awareness and exposure for your PI business

Most consumers use the internet to find services these days than they would by searching through traditional forms of media. In knowing this fact, private investigators will gain much more exposure to potential clients.

It's true; you can be the most sought after private investigator in your city, or even your region, without a website. A detective agency that doesn’t have a business website can still possess local popularity, but usually only if they are a well established business. However, you can gain much more exposure and popularity nationwide or even worldwide, with a well designed investigator website.

#2. More affordability in business advertising
The fees for traditional forms of advertising can be expensive, i.e. when it comes to printing, television, radio, and other advertising means. And even though word-of-mouth marketing is free, this form of advertising is minimal. These days it's fairly easy and affordable to buy your own private investigation business website. You don't have to worry about spending tons of money by hiring a computer programmer, as in times past.

#3. You will be able to showcase your investigation skills, reputation, and credibility on a website
Another of the major benefits of a private investigator website includes being able to showcase and sell yourself and your company to your audience proudly. Many potential clients may have limited information about private investigators and what they can do. There are many ways you can sell yourself on your website. You can display your services, credentials, experience and expertise. You can also show off your awards, recognitions, and satisfied client testimonials, to attract more business clients.

#4. Easier accessibility for clients
Clients and hopefully future clients will have your information right at their fingertips. They will also be able to contact you right away via live chat, email, and online form. These contact methods are very convenient for the client, and they will appreciate it. Your phone number, office hours, and location will also be visible. Your target market won't have to be frustrated by searching a phone book, contacting a friend, or search for your business card to find out how to contact you.

#5. Your private investigator business will become more trustworthy with a website
This benefit is relatable to the other advantages already mentioned. Being perceived as trustworthy among your clients and prospective clients is extremely important. This trust perception is generated by your company website by; showing your qualifications, making it very convenient for clients to reach you, showing testimonials of client satisfaction, and by showing that you are competent and caring. These things help create trust.

#6. You can use your private investigator website in conjunction with internet marketing strategies
When you get your private investigator website up and running, you'll be able to further boost and promote your services online through strategic marketing. You will be able to connect your business social media pages to your site for no extra fee and drive people to your website. The result of this is - if your business website is built properly as a marketing website - it will generate more business for you.

Why Having A Private Investigator Website Is Important

Without a business website a company can fail, won't make nearly as much money; and investigators without a website will severely limit themselves in other ways. It will be as if your business is nonexistent.

In today's internet world; organizations, businesses and consumers are constantly on the internet for information to help with specific problems. Problems such as; finding loved ones, uncovering dishonesty in the workplace and more. These are potential clients. As a private investigator you will want to ensure those potential clients are reaching you and they will reach you more easily through a properly constructed private investigator website.

If you're considering getting a website, we offer web design services for private investigators, detectives, security, law enforcement and attorneys.



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