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Best Questions To Ask When Hiring A Private Investigator
Published by in PI Hiring Tips and Advice · 4 July 2018
Hiring a private investigator is not usually something you would do that often. In fact, you may hardly ever find yourself in a situation where you would need the services of an investigator.  However, it’s those situations where you will find it really counts. And it’s those situations you will find it really counts when choosing a good investigator.

You may have heard stories in the media about private investigators doing some dishonest and unthinkable things – caught up in legal suits and even doing jail-time. Sure, there are some investigation firms you will want to steer clear from, but there are some investigation firms that are ethical and do a damn fine job.

So to weed out the wheat from the chaff, you will want to arm yourself with a bunch of the best questions that will help you decide who is worth hiring and who isn’t, who is a risk and who isn’t – which is why we came up with some of the best questions to ask a private investigator.

Quick List: The Best Questions To Ask When Hiring A Private Investigator

Q1. Are you licensed?
Q2. Are you insured?
Q3. How long have you been working as a private investigator?
Q4. What are your professional background, experience, and areas of specialization?
Q5. Where is your office located?
Q6. What hours do you work? Are you available 24/7?
Q7. What professional organizations do you belong to?
Q8. Can you provide work references?
Q9. Will my case be treated confidentially and how do you ensure that?
Q10. Will the person I am investigating find out or be notified?
Q11. Do you have male and female investigators?
Q12. Who will handle my case?
Q13. Can you or the investigator assigned to my case work with my lawyer?
Q14. How will we contact each other during the investigation?
Q15. How will I be updated on my case?
Q16. Will you provide a detailed report?
Q17. Do you use illegal or unethical means of investigating or obtaining information?
Q18. Are you willing to be a witness in court if needed?
Q19. What happens if you or the assigned investigator gets caught out?
Q20. How fast can you get started on my case?
Q21. Do you have a contract or agreement form?
Q22. How much do you cost?
Q23. Can you guarantee the result I want?
Additional Thoughts On The Best Questions To Ask A PI

It is important to set some guidelines for your investigator right from the start and communicate what your expectations and requirements are. Both you and your investigator should be aware of any jurisdictional laws where the investigation will take place.

A private investigator will handle some of the most private and sensitive work ever entrusted in anyone. So when it comes to picking the right investigator for the job, you don’t want to cut corners.

We have elaborated on this quick list of questions to give you additional insight. Read this in-depth article on the questions to ask a private investigator.

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